Soups include:

  • Miso soup - Soup made with miso dissolved in dashi, usually containing two or three types of solid ingredients, such as seaweed, vegetables or tofu.
  • Tonjiru - Similar to Miso soup, except that pork is added to the ingredients.
  • Dangojiru - Soup made with dumplings along with seaweed, tofu, lotus root, or any number of other vegetables and roots.
  • Imoni - A thick taro potato stew popular in Northern Japan during the autumn season.
  • Sumashijiru - A clear soup made with dashi and seafood.
  • Zoni - Soup containing mochi rice cakes along with various vegetables and often chicken. It is usually eaten at New Years Day.
  • Kiritanpo - Freshly cooked rice is pounded, formed into cylinders around skewers, and fire -toasted. The kiritanpo are used as dumplings in soups.
Suimono - Miso Soup